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How To Have The Ultimate VIP Experience



As with many things in life, When you and your friends decide to step out for a night out on the town, there are two ways you can do this; the easy way, and the hard way. First, let's talk about the hard way. The hard way is, you decide on a club to go to, so you show up like everyone else. You wait in an excruciatingly long line, and you end up spending so much time waiting that you're already in an awkward state of mind because your feet hurt, your body has been inactive as you stand there, so you're pretty much turned down by the time you enter, as you eagerly wait to get in. You go to the bar and you buy a 13 dollar drink that has one shot in it, meticulously measured by a bar tender who has been instructed to not let one drop of the juice leak out over the top of the shot glass measured to make your drink. Because you took so long to get in, the beautiful women who are sitting in the booth to the right already have guys talking to them, whereas they were alone 30 minutes ago, and your favorite DJ is halfway through his first set. This, my friends is the hard way. Now let's talk about the easy way, or what I like to call the Way of the Ultimate VIP Experience.First, you use an app like Let's Be VIP to sign up for the club's guest list, or you contact the club to get on the club's guest list. You just eliminated the wait time, you won't be missing your DJ's favorite set, your feet don't hurt, those beautiful women at the table in the corner to the right have no one sitting with them, and the drinks are currently 2 for 1, making them about 6 bucks each. Not bad! The other thing you'll want to do that most people DON'T talk about when it comes to having the Ultimate VIP Experience is this. Don't just make friends with the club-goers or beautiful women. Try to be friendly and kind and even conversational with the staff. Be nice to the bar bouncers when you arrive. Let them pat you down with a smile, and say something like "What's up bro how's it going"! Smile and do the same with the bartenders. If you can see the promoters or other event staff, ask them simple questions about their venue or make conversation with them. The more comfortable they are with you, the more you will have built up your value with that venue, and you will be invited to enjoy perks that other attendees won't. At Let's Be VIP, we want you to have the best possible experience enjoying the nightlife. So next time you decide to have a fun night out on the town, don't do it the hard way. Do it the VIP way!

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