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Every member’s post from around the world shows up on the Hotnews. You can like, comment, share their posts, add them as a friend, and chat with them. There’s always new member content uploaded and all posts are in chronological order! We don’t use algorithms.


View all the local events within a 100 mile radius, share them and invite your friends to join you. Search events from any city in the world for future vacations. You can also contact the event promoters and become friends with them. Join their guestlists to get special perks they offer and more!


Meet all members on the Lets Be VIP app within a ten mile radius. Search for people by username, and add new suggested friends. Invite friends from Facebook or your contacts in your phone to join in on the fun. Real-time Entertainment all in one place!


Get notified when someone interacts with your posts, requests you as a friend, sends you a chat, or if a new event is created in a 100 mile radius.


Chat with anyone on the Let’s Be VIP app. Send photos, 10 sec videos, share post links from within the app, select the 3 dot menu on the top right of any post and copy link then select the link icon within the chat. The link is automatically loaded and ready to send. All messages erase after 24hrs.


Download the LetsBeVIP app from your iTunes to your iPhone.


Download the LetsBeVIP app from your Google Play Store to your android device.


Join as a Clubber, Fan, VIP Host, DJ, Promoter, Nightclub, Industry, Celebrity, Go-Go Dancer, Photographer, or Model. Then Select who you want to meet and let the Leading Entertainment Industry Matching Technology go to work. You will get friend requests from members of each profession that you are seeking to meet, that want to meet you. Standard memberships are free, and have all viewing/interacting access.VIP Membership allows promoting within the app.
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