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Clubbers, Fans, V.I.P Hosts, DJs, Promoters, Nightclubs, Industry, Celebrities, Go Go Dancers, Photographers, Models
Let’s Be V.I.P is the world’s first dedicated mobile entertainment social media platform. It brings the best events, music, videos, and entertainers all in one place for millions of members around the world to enjoy. Developed to fulfill the growing need of finding something to do and someone to do it with. A network that brands and entertains at the same time plus what you’ve never thought a social platform could do!

Join and select what you classify as: Clubber, Fan, VIP Host, DJ, Promoter, Nightclub, Industry, Celebrity, Go-Go Dancer, Photographer, or Model. Then Select who you want to connect with and let the Leading Entertainment Industry Matching Technology go to work. You will get friend requests from members of each profession that you are seeking to meet, that want to meet you. Standard memberships are free, and all have viewing/interacting access.VIP Memberships allow promoting within the app where the app will do the work for you.

App features:

Hotnews: Every member’s post from around the world shows up on the Hotnews. You can like, comment, repost, share their posts, add them as a friend, and chat with them. There’s always new members joining, content being uploaded, and all the posts are in chronological order!

Events: View all the local upcoming events within a 15 mile radius, share them and invite your friends to join you. Also you can search upcoming events in any city near you and in the world. You can also personally contact the event promoter to join their guestlist, buy tickets and get any special perks they offer and more!

Camera: Take selfies, pictures, and videos of all the excitement and action, or just of you and your friends having fun.

Nearby: Meet all members on the Lets Be VIP app within a ten mile radius or drag the map. Search for people by username, and add new suggested friends. Invite friends from Facebook or your contacts in your phone to join in on the fun. Real-time Entertainment all in one place!

Notifications: Get notified when someone interacts with your posts, requests you as a friend, sends you a chat, or if a new event is created within 50 miles.

Chat: Chat with anyone on the Let’s Be VIP app. Send photos, 10 sec videos, share post links from within the app, select the 3 dot menu on the top right of any post and copy link then select the link icon within the chat, then paste and send. All messages erase after 24hrs.

Menu: In the settings you can edit and update your profile, your privacy settings, your location, your password, your video length, video quality, photos and save them all to album.

Made by the Industry for the Industry,

Let’s Be V.I.P!
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